In years of involvement with therapeutic support groups, I have occasionally heard it said that as a survivor you need to move on and let go. In my experience, I have made certain progress, in marrying quite a wonderful woman, and in getting a job that has paid the bills. Yet, certain things are missing, prominent among them are a strong, supportive group of friends. In whatever social contact I do have, I have seen how much pressure there is to avoid talking about sexual abuse and recovery and advocacy. Religion also has been ambiguous. The Twelve Step groups helped me progress tremendously, through denial to awareness and recovery. In trying to move out, it has proven very difficult since much religion seems geared to socializing amongst people with other interests than honest communication and deep spiritual growth. I have gotten myself involved with Amnesty International as one effort, and environmental groups as another, with the ACLU a recent effort as well. As for my recent efforts, Buddhism has been particulary helpful, because of selections in a compilation by Anne Bancroft, and the clarity of the Buddha's thought and analysis.
Non-attachment, and the beneficial effects of simple, perceptive awareness are large parts of his approach. His views have relieved my thinking, tortured by the manipulative and distracted mentalities all around me. Zen ritual has also proved helpful to approach these texts. As such, I am detaching from my fear of speaking up. That is the current result of my letting go. Small talk just doesn't address the issues underneath the surface. :p
How are you coping with awareness?