This is more of a history lesson, but its related to the church.

My friend is into philosophy, religion, anthropolgy and that sort of thing. He said that the church once dug up the corpse of a pope guilty of sexually abusing boys and exonerated him. The church is just a bastion of virtue isnt it?

I don't want to judge, but must. Christianity, catholisism, and european monotheism in general is just wrong. It has been an front for child molesters to work for hundreds of years.

It has no basis in fact, history, or spirituality, its just a branch off a curropt political power that dominated europe for hundreds of years. The church was responsible for the inquistion, the crusades, and a great deal of ignorence surrounding the dark ages that caused so much strife. It has repeatedely and deliberately hoarded and used knowledge for itself and those who are in power, and perpatrated false reality and ignorence amoung the populace to stay there.

It makes me sad that so many truly good people are christians, because its all one big fat lie to keep them down. Whether you believe in god or not, facts are facts, and until people begin to realise the church is nothing but a front, it will continue to use others for its own purposes over and over. It mirrors on a large scale the pattern of abuse we go through so often. It is a big abuse machine, and that is not an opinion, it is simply the fact.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, and i respect that. If you are not abusing other people what you believe is your business.

But personally, i think military action should be taken against the church. They ought to be disbanded the way we should crush child molesting cults, because thats exactely what it is.