We are made in Gods image, then Eve made from one of Adam's rib's like parting in half. So when male-female engaged in sex we are one again. Able to create.


God does not need sexual parts to create, to reproduce.

The Bible relates, woman sin no more.
Men can have many, slaves, wife's, mistresses and so on.
But to waste his seed is punishable.

How can male-male sex be sin? because seed waste? It was a male-female seed wasted that was punishable!

Are we mix up about male human traits with God? Some times, We are not God.

I can not judge any one, not even I.
I pray for understanding for my-self.
My what I do fine favor with God.

With Gods help.
Not what man makes up.

fmighell 3-5-01-11:15amPt