abcd, First let me say I'm sorry. I think Wert and I got you locked out of your post in the Survivor Forum because we talked about religion. I had no idea they would do that or I would have responded in a different manner. Now about therapists. I agree with Wert completely. This is your recovery and you should try to find a therapist that will best help you. You don't have to settle for just any therapist. There is nothing wrong with shopping around and interviewing more than one. I made about 50 phone calls and talked to 10-12 therapists before I found the one I have now. I'm sure your search will be a little different because you have a limited number to pick from but don't feel like you have to take the first one you talk to. I didn't make religious beliefs part of the criteria in finding my therapist. I really wanted one with experience in men abused as boys. Later, I found out that he did share my beliefs and that made it even better. We now make that part of our regular discussions. The men in my group don't all feel the way I do but allow me to talk about it as part of my work. They are very supportive even though they don't necessarily believe the same things I do. I do feel that it is important to find a therapist. There are so many issues that are so hard to work through alone. It really helps to have someone guide you through it. Just remember, this is YOUR recovery! You have a right to handle it in a way that will best help you. You have already taken that important first step. You are talking about it. Please continue. I have had a taste of freedom and I can tell you I LIKE IT!!!!! Feel free to respond here or e-mail me.