I don't know if I should be starting this thread especially since I'm in a rut (fyi, look at the "new message" thread in survivor forum to see what my story is), but I guess I should say thanks to Neil and Wert. I am not particularly divinely inspired right now but I guess because I'm looking for a "religious" response, I'll post here...I did read your story Neil though (I think I might have read it a LONG time ago--I've been checking out websites like these for the past couple years ever since college started). You're right guys, it is tough. I can't imagine being in your spots though, being a little older than I am I think. I admire very much the fact that no matter how much you guys have been through, you're all still going. Indeed, someone's hand must be on carrying you. Friends and people are also put in the right place. I have a question though...I am somewhat afraid of therapists--Neil, I think you mentioned this (we have free counselors here but I know that 1) they will eventually not be free anymore when I am out of school and do not want to be dependent on them and 2) the religious perspective is not usually one considered by such counselors). I do not know really...maybe I'm tired, but I'm just wondering what you guys (or anyone else) knows about counselors. Thanks.