Fucking damn blackened soul. A devil. A creature of damnation, walking among us. His hide is that of a man. It swoons a poor unknowing. Makes a family of it desire. For one purpose. To turture its choosen pray. To taunt the beraggered child. To throw it vile cures against one without defences. To suck & drain the soul of innocence. It lived on the life, the fear, the terror, the pain, the hatered, the sorrow, the dread, the mocked and sodden heart. Woe is thy existance. Woe is mine. The poor child, brought into the world to be food for a beast. No other purpose, no self alowed. Just a gasping breath, a whimper. All for the delight of It. It gaze turns the child to stone. No fight. No flight, just frozen in horror as the creature desends to feast. Hell, hast no threat, for I have met the Devil & lived within His house..............BL