Lets start with my step-grandfather. What a twisted piece of shit. He took me out in the woods in his old station wagon. Then he got my pants down. Told me I was arousing him. He stuck a cigar tube in me and then he penetrated me. I threw up. He called me "a little puke." He made me do oral sex on him. He got mad when I bit him once and stuck my face in a toilet bowl full of feces and urine. My grandmother came to my rescue that time. Chased him off.

Then came the sadistic ritual abuse with his "friends". They wore hoods. They painted me in animal blood and did unspeakable things to other people in my presence. They tried to get me to do these things. I couldn't. They punished me. Tried to drown me, shocked me, locked me in a box, punched and kicked me as well as sodomized me.

Somehow, I survived. Probably by locking it all away. I haven't remembered until now- in my 40s in therapy. I'm lucky to have kids and wife and a good job. But this last six months has been hellish. I'm trying to work my way through it all.