jwh, Thanks for ur post.
It depends on my mood. If I am Feeling Down, I tend to listen to the hardest, fastest, pounding Industrial I can find, Or other music with a driving beat. I have a pair of 12 inch woofers & two 300 watt amps in my car. I like to "feel" the music. I like it when I can feel my in-sides shake. Probablly not so healthy, but too damn bad.
Sometimes it helps me get angry, and I can let out my feelings, & nobody will know, Great. It helps me cry, screem, curse, and no-one will hear me, not even myself, Perfect.
Other times, I feel like I absorb the raw power, & it pumps me up. Elevates my mood, makes me to be Assertive, (instead of aggressive), and helps me to organize my thoughts.
So ya, i guess it does help me to survive.