Chapter 2: Messages about Masculinity

p.33, 1st graph -- It strikes me that the recovery cycle is like physical training.
1) Reading/Understanding 2) Doing what it says/Training 3) Resting/Recovery

p.34, 2nd graph -- Remember not fitting in at school. I didn't fit in, so I started taking drugs -- then I didn't fit in even more. Kept doing them, added to disassociative feelings about self, diminishing self-worth, unrealistic thinking...

p.37, 3rd graph -- I totally disagree with this, "We have to stop being concerned with determining the "right" way to be a man." There are boundaries on right and wrong. I'm not going to concern myself with societies definitions of what is a "real man," but I will be concerned about Biblical teachings. The beauty of God's definition, if you fall short its OK, he loves you any way. All he asks is that you keep trying and don't give up.

p.40, 2nd graph -- Interesting concept, ethnocentrism. I see that my wife and I have had different ideas of what is male and what is female. A friend recommended "Real Boys" by William Pollack to learn more about enculturalization of male identity and how it affects us. I have started reading it instead. I'll come back to VNL as soon as I'm finished.