After coming to an understanding of how my abuse has affected my relationship with my wife and children, I have decided to really dig into my issues.

It's funny, I met her at Barnes & Noble yesterday evening. While waiting, I went to the self-help section of the store and looked for books that might help me with adiction. "Victims No Longer" caught my attention and so I picked it up and thumbed through it. I even shared it with her when she arrived. I put it back on the shelf before I left.

After a conversation with her, I came back to my Apt. (we are separated right now) I began to search for answers about where to begin. The question in my mind was "Where do I begin? All the books seem to be so specific and I believed that my problem was an addictive personality."

Well, as I searched the Internet for answers, all the road signs lead to the book "Victims No Longer," including this forum. I am going to purchase this book today!

Is there anyone out there working through this book right now that I can partner up with so we can help each other?