I bought this book expecting a sensative look at the abuse and effects of abuse as they are related to masculine problems. I'm sorry to say from the forward to the end, this book made me feel like being a man was all it took to be "bad". I hate feeling like being born with a penis starts my score off in the negatives. The forward to this book is basically a femanist finger shaking that says something like:

Good thing you abused men are reading this book so you will stop going on to abuse us women. It's about time you learned that you are causing all the problems in the world because you were born with a penis.

And this overtone seems repeated througout the book. This is SO far from what I was feeling, and set me back on feeling better about my gender. I read it, analyzed it, and threw it away.

Other than the dangerous anti-man bent that can be seen in the book, it also seems too general, shallow, and all-inclusive. As a book to give to men who ARE mistreating women, and have not talked to anyone, this is a good introduction. If you are feeling bad about your gender, not re-enacting or venting your abuse through abuse or violence towards women or children, and already avoid sex or violence because you avoid the "bad" things about being a man, stay away from this book.