This is a TV show about a man who is a minister (Rev. Eric Camden), his wife, and their 7 children.

(If you haven't watched this yet then don't keep reading if you want to watch it tonight; it was on WB network at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time USA).

On the show, a man (Dennis) & a woman (Parris)want Rev. Camden to marry them after only knowing each other a short time. The woman's son (Peter)has never liked or trusted the man, a suspicion confirmed last week when, in church, he threatened
to get rid of the boy's dog, then get rid of him, if he didn't quit trying to stop the wedding & "shape up."

In tonight's episode, Rev. Camden talks with the three of them together. Dennis tries to divide & conquer by suggesting the boy be sent to a psychiatrist. But Eric is suspicious, and puts
him on the spot by setting up an appointment immediately for the three of them with a pdoc he works with.

This pdoc lets the man talk for most of thier hour
then asks Peter if he has anything to say becuz Dennis has been talking the whole time and the more he talks the more he is convinced Dennis threatened him.

So the boy told him about the incident in church, which Dennis denied but not credibly enuf even for Parris, who was so swept up in his deceitful charms & manly care for her & Peter that she had not seen what the pdoc stated plainly: that Dennis
is a classic pattern abuser, weakening Parris while appearing to be strengthening her, taking control, shoving Peter aside with private threats while being nice to him around her.

Then Rev. Camden walks in with a police officer (his new son-in-law) who had run a check & declares Dennis under arrest for having violated parole & restraining orders for previous arrest for abuse committed in his previous family.

The instincts, quick thinking & positive action of Rev. Camden were inspiring and very true to life, indicative in my experience of the ministry
of the vast majority of ministers.

The smooth way the pdoc handled this man and the way the cop (Kevin) calmly dealt with him were also very inspirational.

But the biggest inspiration of all was the boy Peter, who from the start had known something was not right with this man. He had kept trying to tell people especially his mother but they would not listen. Yet he didn't give up, even when threatened by this bully perp. And he won!

I have to believe & I know that sometimes this does happen in real life too!

I have to trust my inner child sometimes too. After all, he's the one that was there thru all the abuse.

Gonna try to keep in better touch with Little Vic and listen to him, respect him, more.

Could save us both from further abuses & troubles of many kinds.


"I can't stand pain. It hurts me."
--Daffy Duck