I happened to stumble across a new film about CSA which is due for release any moment now, it is entitled "CLOSURE" and has been written by a guy named Douglas Downing III.

Plot Outline:
For the average twenty-year-old college male, "Spring Break" is a time to "cut it loose" and "get wild". No matter what the destination is, heavy drinking and plenty of irresponsible behaviors are on the horizon, but not for "LUKE WISER" our twenty-year-old main character. For Luke he will spend "Spring Break" driving to his hometown to confront the man that sexually abused him as a child. END

Douglas Downing III has a website on MySpace which features trailers from the film, but please be aware that you will find them **TRIGGERING**, the website can be found here:


Also if you are a member of MySpace message him and lend your support.


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