Sup folks,
I was just wondering. Is it normal to have like extreme up and downs. I mean just the other day i felt like shit run over twice and today i feel like a million bucks. I either feel real crappy or real good. I dunno. I hate it you know. lately though i have had alot of bad dreams but they stopped after this past wednsday. I mean I was whining like a baby about how sucky my life was going and then all of a sudden I thought to myself. Why they hell do i worry all the time? Why do I recount events in my life over and over and fucking over again?? I once heard that insanity is "Engaging in the same activity over and over again and expecting a different result each time". that makes sense doesn't it?? I mean I sit here and go through the same motions but it gets me nowhere. I need to break outta this stupid mold i have myself encased in. (oh ya sorry about that guys i space out alot. shit hey my boyfriend just told me work is over. so i gotta jet talk to you all tommorrow.
p.s. did i mention i was gay? (so i think)