Hello, my name is Sam and I am a 39 year old survivor of sexual abuse. I was abused by my father's best friend between the ages of 11 and 15 and only recently "remembered" a much earlier abuse by an older female babysitter when I was 5. My life is going to pieces, my depression is worse than it has ever been, I am drinking more than ever to cover the pain and I have become very withdrawn from friends and family. I can't function sexually anymore when it isn't degrading or humiliating to me.
I need HELP locating a therapist that can help me with the feelings of guilt and shame I am experiencing. I have been to therapy many times, have learned why I do the things I do, but I just can't break the patterns. Does anyone know of a therapist in Chicago that may be able to help me? I can't go on this way much longer.