One other thing,

Since I'm still trying to figure out ("thanks" again to all my abusers! ) my sexuality, I'm not sure if this has any value to this discussion, but here goes.

Anyone who knows ANYTHING about my abuse history should see one thing. Even though my abuser wasn't gay, but some selfish p***k and, and my rapist wasn't gay either, just some Goddamn rapist, since the acts were sexual and male-to-male, I should have EVERY reason to hate gay people.

But I don't.

Being gay doesn't make you a bad person, despite the views of some close minded @$$hole$ who are so insecure in who they are they need to tear down other people. Being gay doesn't make you anathema. Being gay doesn't make a person anything negative.

Being gay is being gay. Like being black, or enjoying reading, or being left-handed.

Being gay is cool. As is being straight. As is being bi-sexual.

No one should hate who they are. No one should be hated because of what they're born with.

When, and if, I fall in love with a man, it'll be alright, because it's love. There's nothing wrong with love, no matter who you do.

Sorry if I'm ranting. I thought it needed to be said.

Peace and love,


There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies