Hi bosishere. This works for me. Buy a one gallon plastic jug of milk. I buy non-fat. Buy two you get a better deal. Guzzle the milk,wash out the jug,use a sharp instrument and cut the top off the jug leaving the handle intact. At the 99 cent store buy a can of knock-off Lysol spray. With me so far? Good. Okay now. Set that jug next to your bed. Or your computer. Wherever you spend the most time. When the urge strikes you you flop your whang into the jug,pee to your heart's content. When the jug's full you pour the wee wee into the toilet,wash out the jug under the bathroom faucet & blast it's interior with the 99 cent spray. This kills the stench of rotting pee. I've been using the same jug now for two years. I don't notice anything. Neither do my eight cats.