Hi Bos,
I think that I know where you are coming from...Effexor will give you uncontrolable piss fever...Boo Boo ...when on it ...would piss the floor before she made it to the bathroom...that's not your problem..you got pull down pants fever...can't piss when you pull your pants down! When I was a biker we would ride coast to coast ...to bring good things back and forth....we would smoke and drink beer ...one after another to keep going...if we stopped we got busted..but we still had to pee!!! We all wore piss rigs that straped around the middle and over the dick...with a hose running down the leg to the end of the pants...when riding we hooked up the hose to one running to the rear of the bike....never stopped to piss only to buy more beer and roll big ones!!! They sell them at med surply stores...you get used to wearing them and won't have to pull your pants down to pee...just hook a bag to your wheel chair! We didn't use bags...we played "Fan out and pee"...Pull in side by side ...blocking all lanes..and let the butt heads behind us have it...don't think that Fan out and pee will work on a wheel chair..but you can always throw the bag!!! Try it and good luck!!!