Alright Bos'
I read your post yesterday and have wondered about it some since then.
Does SA at an early age cause physical illness as well ? I don't know, but I do know that I have a couple of fairly unusual ailments. Firstly I have sleep apnoea, a very "physical" problem I know, but it started at the same time as the abuse. A link to these two is pretty remote i guess.
My other ailment is migraneous neuralgia ( aka hortons neuralgia, cluster headache ) not related to migraine at all, but a suicidal pain down one side of the face and head caused by the nervous system in the face going ape-shit. At it's worst it was twice a day for 90 minutes a time.Thankfully it's less now, Again this complaint hasn't been "medically" linked to stress or any other "mental" problem. But since I've progressed thorough my recovery it's faded dramatically.
But I would be interested in hearing from anyone with unusual "physical" ailments, maybe stress etc can be a trigger for these things.
Sorry this doesn't directly address your question Bos', but it just made me wonder.

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