Hello all. Sexual Abuse has brought out several problems to me. Several of the problems I have now are medical, because I have survived being sturck by a NYC subway train. However, what I am faced with each day, is trying to deal with the medical problems of not being able to "p" when I want, but because of the sexual abuse of more than fifty (50 years ago. Because of the subway accident, I have to let down both my levis and underpants, and then the problem happpens. I immediately think of me as a young boy and being told I was a bad boy, forced to put on a dress and then screwed. When the nurses in the hospital I was at back in MA,found outyoung men were taken away by the police, but I still hadto be stripped by the nurses, called a bad boy and then spanked of the bare ass. Where I am lost is how do I try to "fix" this problem, knowing I am gay causes further mental problems. My question to you guys is, any suggestions? My therapist is aware of this problem, but doesn't have any present day advice.