well it's me donp. I haven't been here in a while because I thought i had everything under control until my doctor the thursday before last broke the lab results which indicate I have primary testicular failure. This means my gonads are not producing testosterone.

So now I am very upset because now I know that these perverts suspected I was gay because I had no interest in women. Now I know why. So these idiots who molested me rather having me service them, knew I was in a vulnerable position. So now I know that by my behavior why I had been singled out. The fact that I do not display the normal male behaviors. Whatever those may be. You know things like going nuts when a pretty woman enters a room, no talk of sexual conqquest. So they probably figured I was gay or at least a probable victim.

So here I am unable to father children, the last 10yrs questioning my sexual identity and now I know it is because I have no libido.

How sttrange. And how depressing. I am worse than what I was after I got assaulted only because now I know that these folks were not right in the head.

I don't know what to do. This information has given me valuable information to protect myself, but now I am afraid perpetrators will stil be able to pick me out.

Or amybe I am just a lunatic.