Hi Guys,

Just registered with the website today.

I know that I was sexually abused at least once, it was an isolated incident by a stranger in a department store. But I really think there was earlier abuse that I can't remember.
It wasn't until I spent the years of really accepting and dealing with my coming out issues that I could even begin to look at this area.
I think I'd like to begin some therapy but I'm wrestling with fears of being incapacitated by fear or pain by going through the process. I'm afraid of finding out something I might not want to know. What if I open Pandora's box only to want to close it again.
I'm torn because there are small areas in my life where I feel that push to get resolution. Like knowing that continued struggles at getting in shape are so entwined with a fear of being physically attractive.
Any suggestions, thoughts or even shared experience would be appreciated..

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