Thanks for your post in our stories - Please do come back and post more - it was powerful for me - especially the following:

"It meant having an overpowering feeling that everything that I had or accomplished could go away in an instant if anyone ever found out about the real me. Everything I did or had was just good fortune anyway, I couldn't possibly have done that on my own, I wasn't that good, that smart. I was a fraud and someday everyone would find out."

That really voiced for me what I call my "neg voice". It is always there and it is the one that called me a "freak of nature" and took away the good in anything I did or even thought - It knew the "real me" the shame - the secret "truth" - that I was a fraud -

My "neg voice" is still there and would fill my mind if I gave it the chance - It has become a bit more subtle now that I recognize it for what it is, but it is still there....thad

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"The truth will set you free, but first it will probably piss you off." dwf's AA sponsor.