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posted March 21, 2002 12:40 PM
This topic has been an issue with many of us,
and the following post are my attemps to help me with understanding.
Is our genetic make-up, genetical development in our genes from birth have an effect on our sexuality?

To a point, like getting sexual body parts,
but how I use my sexual body part, I feel is something I learned from experiences and attitudes which can reinforce one's sense of self, male sexual being.

Clear implications are that a man's childhood experience could have a powerful effect in dettermining his means of sexual experession as an adult, sexual stimuli, a compelling stimulus for an adult now, are similar effects of an first time sexual experience, my first erection, my first sexual contact, or my first sexual orgasm, actual physiological events, various sights and sounds present at the first crucial monent become an imprint for later turn-ons as an adult.

With this awareness I wouldn't let complacancy or a learned disfunction from a childhood sexual abuse, cause me to be afraid, or complicate my life, because as a child I may have been a victim but now I'm a survivor.

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