Guys, we have all had sexual abuse, in one form or another, and no matter what some may say, the abuse,ALL OF IT, is bad. Some of us are better dealing with the after efects are very dificult for all of us. Now you add homosexuality and all of a sudden the body has another difficult task to learn to deal with. America as a country has in the past 10 to 20 years been dealing with homosexuality in a concrete fashion. As far as male sexual abuse, the country has only begun to "scratch" the surface. Now add to those two (2) very difficult tasks some of us individuals who have also been thru some sort of medical "truma." Speaking for myself I am in that three (3) "problem" area as the public calls us. Sometime the public at large doesn't even know of the first one or two, but we as individuals are trying to cope with all three. Sometimes, like me, we don't give a shit what the public thinks or does and we try to "exist." More and more I keep coming up with the questions of "how do we exist.?" For me the primary source of injury is the brain.For others is some other part of the body, but to all of us, the body assigns "all of its effort" to making the body well again. My question is this - how the hell does as individual try and deal with not one, not two, but THREE areas of injury. They are ALL INTERCONECTED. Your comments please.