Some people have a fear that when a rape takes place to a male by another male that the "victim" will become homosexual or bisexual. I, myself have been a bisexual male my whole entire life. I was indeed born this way. I have had the same thoughts for as long as I can remember. Even before my molestation or rape (which let's get serious here - are the same things) I had bisexual thoughts.
Being raped did not make me a homosexual. I don't believe there is anything that makes an "instant homo". Do I think events like rape confuse the mind? Of course I do. I know they do. But even a confused mind about ones sexuality after a rape does not automaticaly make you gay. Depression, anxiety, ptsd all have there way to confuse a mind and when you go through a rape your mind is so vulnerable to all sorts of ideas and thoughts and assumptions. Some men who are raped end up becoming prostitutes. (I said some) They feel no real self worth and are so confused and block all emotions out that they turn to sex as a way to release the pain. Of course this does not work. But they may go out and have sex with another male. This does not make them gay as you can see the events in their lives that lead them to this point. They shut off all emotions and let there feelings of worthlessness start to contol them rather than their instincts and what they know is right. Who can blame them? Their mind gets clouded and most don't have a way to talk about what happened to them. Some are too humiliated/scared. I know I was for a long time.
Life is difficult enough without dealing with a rape. Life is confusing enough without having to deal with a rape. Emotions are confusing enough without having to deal with a rape.
I'd be interested to know what others ideas and opinions are on this subject. I know a lot of people here have or are facing the questions of their own sexuality.
Let me start by saying the bottom line is
"We are All Human"!