Everyone, I would like to say one last thing about having the living shit pigeon-holed out of me at work! I had to tell a supervisor last year I had to go on sick leave and go to a hospital for three weeks. I was really fliped out and said too much. He wasn't surposed to but did tell someone and it spread to everyone. How I've been off work on sick leave for two weeks for an operation on my elbow and had another operation to repair a hermia yesterday. Being in great pain...they sent me home with some pain pills...I haven't be able to sleep all night...So I called work to talk to a friend and to see what was up...it was me!!!! Because of the SA everyone said that I was gay, a nut case, and was most likely a rapest of males. WOW, Johns Hopkins is a very big place and you would think that the workers were better imformed but no they are afraid that I will rape them...what ass holes...what shit heads. I work at night 11 to 7 and don't see too many staft but this shit is getting out of control. Who wants to face this shit ???