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ill tell you if you dont like my post, fuck off, im not here to please you im here to get my shit out and some help, if one person is going to be offended and all have to change, sounds like i or them can just go back to the dis-functional family and cry in the pillows, dont tell me to shut-up on post do it in your own mind, ive heard that seeing it and writing it is a way of reliving, with the intention of not scaring the crap out of us every time we are triggered, or maybe the idea of being quit, like i have all these years is the one way one person wants it....who the hell do you think you are, ask a question, and then condem the person and their reply?

Well I am not sure if you are talking to me or who you are talking to. But I do agree with you. However just because we all have issues to get out does not mean that we should not be sympathetic to others. In one way or another we all have our own demons to deal with. I don't think this is a "cure all" for people with such deep and dark problems. That is why we have personal therapists and doctors.
I understand the problems we all face - believe me. And we should never ever be afraid to say what we need to. If it helps that is wonderful. With what we all have been through and go through we cannot always be as polite as we would all normally be. I think everyone has done it and everyone understands that. So as I stated before - let's just get whatever it is we can here and leave it at that. This place is great for advice and support. That is the main reason why most of us are here.
Honestly I would love to never have known this place even was here. In some way I think we all would love that. I would love to be living the good life. No nightmares or thoughts or depression or anxiety. No confusion and saddness.
But since I am not that lucky and I know this is far from a perfect world - I am sure glad this site is here. In many ways the people here have saved me.

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