Maybe I'm the ONLY ONE who feels this way, but this is 2001 and SEXUALITY is a topic that still has many unknown aspects.... MEDICINE IS NOT A COMPLETE SCIENCE.
Why are the only options, men who like women or men who like men? Because of being forced into sexual activity as a child, before puberty; my FIRST experiences of sexual pleasure occurred while being sodomized. NOW, my wildest desires are focused on my anus...
I know there are a lot of you jacking-off to some pretty weird thoughts and images! Are these the true reflection of your real sexuality??
Aren't we all less rigid in our sexual roles or desires than we ever let on -- even to ourselves?? More opportunistic and prone to some actions out of sexual necessity?? If stranded on a desert island with only 1 sexual partner available (different from our current partner of choice) would we NOT eventually turn to that partner regardless of our current inclinations?? ;\)