I let this guy know what happened to me in 1996 . How a homeless person I tried to help had sex with me and then started to blackmail me and I became his sex slave for a bout 9 months. I am suffering with brain damage as a result of my last job, being exposed to weird chemicals. I wasn't on the proper medication and so this guy would hide my medicine and then he would tell me that if I told anyone he would say that I was forcing him to stay and coercing him into having sex. He told me that God would not love me anymore if my bishop found out and he would constantly tell me that who was going to believe me because I was mental. God. I could barely walk because Of the neuropathy that I had really bad, why did this guy make me believe all this crap.

So now I decide to tell someone what happened to me. I had stopped taking my medicine for 1 week without realizing it, because I kept putting off going to the pharmacy. So here I go telling this guy all the things which happened to me. I even told him about the memory problems. SO I let him into my house and he tells me his story which is crap and he wants me to have oral sex with him. I tell him no. But he keeps telling me all this stuff and then he comes over to my bed and says that all he wants to do is hold my hand. While he does this he tells me that He felt like he has known me for ever and that he will never leave me. I have been alone for so long that I will do anything for someone to love me. So he gives me a massage then he gets naked and has me give him oral sex. Afterwards he starts apologizing for having convinced me to do this over and over again.

I got back on my medicine and almost jumped off the 8th floor of a mall in the inside. Now I just keep masturbating and can't stop. My penis is so sore. Why do I keep doing this? He still wants to be my friend. I want him to leave me alone. Now I won't let no one touch me. I won't go to church. I wanted to live and now I just want to die.