That was Mickeys last words he said to me, the last time I saw him, as he walk away.

Mickey was a class mate in my 3rd grade, and at an age of nine, for both of us. Danny and his older brother was involed as well, in fact he started this summer of events off.
That was the year I had swimming lessons at the park swimming pool, only a city block away from my house. The park it self, was much bigger and not a rectegular shape.
Its a nice walk along the park path, to the pool on a warm 70* summer day.
My parents sign up all of my brothers and sisters and I for the lessons.

On one of those sunny summer days, waring only a wornout bottom, black trunks because of the pool clorine and the ruff concret pool deck from sitting on it alot, and flip flops on my feet walking to the swimming pool.
I hear voices in the bushes, down into the dry highline cannel that flows through or along the park.

I step down into cannel to find Mickey and Danny. They were going swimming also but was stopping along the way, to play out a made up game of "bad boy" before getting there.
Danny would say to Mickey that he (Mickey) was a bad boy and he (Mickey) would have to pull his own trunks down and let Danny stick his penis into his anus while calling him a bad boy. I said for Danny to stop. Danny ask why? and with one fist to my stomach, my air was knock out, and I was bent over, holding myself for air, and in pain. I regained some air and said that he can leave him alone and use me instead. I don't know why, I said that.
With that he used me, it seemed like all summer long, and everytime he had to go to the rest room, he had me do things. Things like piss in my mouth or in my rear, lick him off and the other stuff.
The last time he tried and he got caught, while choking his hands around my neck, because he wanted me to eat his shit, out of the toilet he had me by and I would not.

George the Manger of the pool while setting in his office, I had waved five figners at and mototion for him to come, as Danny had I walk by, to go to the bathrooms.

Luckly George grabed Danny off me and I could breath again, and leave.
Danny hasn't used me ever since George got a hold of him.

Mickey one day after all we've been through, was really looking at the front of my trunks and I ask him if he wanted to play around or if we should go take a shower, he said no he was a good boy now and didn't want to play around, and that he was glad to have known me. And said good bye.

So I gess what I'm saying is "honesty" is best, in any relationship.

fmighell Anc. Ak. \:\)