why am I wanting to ?

The desire for a younge man at college is growing and I can't let myself go and engage with him sexually, he is so fine, handsome
and man whats wrong, with me? I would be a slave for him, just to bring him to,,,
I'm still in the pleasing mood of submission and not worrying about myself.

I've recconized that it's a habit for me to be used as in the past. It feels normal for me with a guy.

Its like the song " I know what boys like and I know what men want "
Hey ScooterSCS, how wuold you like it if some guy wanted you to use him as you will?

When I was younger men had to pay me to have sex with me and but not if I wanted someone, I used the money to drink or drug, party and have sex. It got loney even with being with someone.

man o man what should I do?
fmighell Anc Ak