1.I'm working on being a male person,meeting
a.do I want to have sex with a guy,yes
b.do I want to have sex with a gal,yes

2.looking at male person's then female,so
a.I have a weakness thinking sexually of,yes
b.accepting at an early age-free will,so
c.violation being sexually assaulted,true

3.do I recognize goad affects,,,not always
a.goad-as stimulus-compulsion, desire, drive,
impetus, impulse, irritation, lash, lust,
motivation, passion, pressure, urge,
whip,,,many times
b.recognize-as identify- admit, descry,
determinate, distinguish, finger, observe,
perceive, pinpoint, place, recall,
recollect, remember,,, sometimes
c.affect-as influence- affect emotionally-
act on, alter, change, disturb, impinge,
impress, induce, influence, inspire,
perturb, prevail, modify, stir, sway,
touch, transform, upset,,, yes

4.Today couple counseling for marriage,,,yes
a. important to me today,,,yes
b. help in being true to myself,,,OK

5. Feelings start when I see someone,yes
a. sexually automatically at first,yes
b. change of thinking when recognized,yes
c. keep thoughts clean, mostly
e. no-more one night-ers or quickies,alright
f. I'm not a servant in sex, OK
g. they can find stimulus on their own,OK
h. I don't need to be stimulated always,OK

6. move to break,fmighell