3/10/01, 2:20,am,PT, anc.ak.
Is having a look at or wanting to watch another naked man or young man a desire to engage with that person? Or maybe wanting just to engage with oneself?

When watching a porn site on a computer, looking at another guy, is it a desire to want to have another man for sex?

With humans being sexual in nature, looking at said sites, be a natural behavior to do? While wanting to feel satisfaction of our own body parts, for our own organism stimulation?

When a person unconsciously doesn't what to have any sex because of a violent experience. Plus may be side-effects of medicine, doing a number on stimulating ability.

Then sex burn-out, over prolong sex periods, when as a child and even then not ready for a serious sexual satisfying nature, plus having to deal with something beliving that love is being engaged by a man?

Where does this play in to "playing with or being teached my abuse" that I learn about sex with someone?