Firstly let me just say, what a great person you are!!! Taking care of your mother is a sweet thing to do!!!!

The thing with your family, ITS THEIR PROBLEM!!!! They are the ones who cant face their own guilt!! You did the right thing, you are protecting innocent children!!!!

Your sister will just have to get over herself!!!! Its not her place to say wether or not you are welcome at your mothers house!!! Obviously your mother wants you there and im sure she really appreciates the kind thing you are doing!!!!! It sounds like your mother needs you and you are the only one she really has!!!!! Try not to let your family bring you down ITS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!

Have you talked about this to your mother?? About the family not inviting her over because of you???? Thats too bad that they are that petty!!! Families sure can be messed up, i understand that first hand!!!

hope this helps somewhat, its liike 7am and ive been up all night. so im not real awake i just wanted to write you, to tell you im thinking of you.... keep in touch and good luck