dear vasqguy,
there can be ways to get some justice for the horrible stuff you went through. there have been several recent cases around the country where the catholic church has been forced to change its procedures, acknowledge its responsibility and sometimes even pay damages to the abuse survivors/victims.

there should be lawyers or anti-abuse organizations in your area who know about these cases. an internet news search over the last 2-3 years should also give you some leads. i am a lawyer in new york city, and i might have some contacts that could help you, depending on where you live now and where the abuse happened.

one thing that enrages me is that the catholic church still fights like hell against taking any responsibility for its actions. they will probably fight you. however, that would only make me want to fight more.

the church is likely to argue in court that too much time has passed since the abuse, and it should be ignored (the "statute of limitations"). that argument can be beaten, i believe. one of the symptoms of abuse is that it's hard to learn to take care of ourselves. i think that that argument should win, and i think that it has in some cases.

let me know if i can be of any help, email at good luck. you deserve justice, and your efforts will help others, too.