My brother and I were both molested by a deacon in the Catholic church (studying to be a priest). The man had been put in charge of the *altar boys*, believe it or not. I am fairly sure they already knew he had a "problem" (we were actually told he "had a problem" by someone in the church...we stupidly guessed it was alcholism). I was 10 and my brother was 12. My brother told our parents, and they told some friends that they had "heard" this was going on, but of course everyone's reaction was "oh, no, he wouldn't be doing that. he's studying to be a priest." I came out when I was 19 and I don't really believe that this has effected me in a negative way except that I still feel really angry about it and wish there was something I could do to somehow resolve those feelings. I am 33 now, and this happened in 1977. He must have been molesting other boys, because soon after my mother started to ask around, he disappeared suddenly (he had been there only a few months and was supposed to be there much longer).

After all this, my question really is, is there a way to seek justice? I would at least feel better knowing that this guy was not still around molesting other little boys. I know some specific details (his first name only, his physical desc. at the time, the city and church, and approx. dates). Does the catholic church (I gave up on them long ago) have any sort of way to investigate these things? Is there anything I can do????

Thanks so much.