I dunno if there are triggers or not but I put up a warning just in case.

Sometimes I get scared to post, write, say anything about what happened cos its scary. But then I thought about, what if I stop focusing on what scares me and focus on what makes me happy you know?

So yeah, here are some things that make me feel okay.

My girlfriend Sheena
Talking with Sheena
Skating [even though im no supposed to]
Cooking with my dad
Being with my dad in general
Hanging out with my friends and not having to worry about anything.

oh yeah and Sheena! \:\) \:\)

Every corner, every city
There's a place where life's a little easy
Little Hennessy, laid back and cool
Every hour, cause it's all good
Leave all the stress from the world outside
Every wrong done will be alright
Nothin but peace, love
And street passion, every ghetto needs a thug mansion