i have a question.

for myself - i have never been in too long of relationship.

the longest was 5 years -
but it was more
on again off again and i was very young -
and my bf was 12 years older -

the idea of committing to someone -

well - who truly fulfills me - i think -
is an unknown right now -

i think - i guess, i wonder -
it's frightening to bond -
it's frightening to get attached -

will i loose myself ? will i be devistated when
not ready.

will i become ineffectual
or work -

probably not - but it might change......


it might get better - eh?
life might get much better!

- as one person said to me once.

"when you're in a relationship - every big decision you make affect not just you but you and your partner.... now on"

the questions of
'how will this affect him? me?'

... it's scary but moving on...

it's starting to feel much more aproachable.

as i get to know myself more and more. it's maybe not that scary afterall - and just part of what treasure and excellent stuff life can bring. \:\)

"...do not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous