i can't say whether 'challenge' is the right word

but think of this -

each day -

that you feel 'you need something'

you need to be reminded - you're loved -

you're special - and

you must take care of you -

perhaps try this -

we are all trained to do things -

why not "train yourself"

to give yourself little reminders

that you're loved and special - to yourself

and maybe do it eventually too -

in a structured way:

becuase you are - you are special - you are loved -

you are loveable -

the physical needs and the concrete needs are

part of life - but

the other part is so important too.

so if i don't have someone here to remind me.

I am going to love myself -

"a good morning sunshine note"

a walk to get coffee each day before setting to tasks.

a healthful workout -

and other things - like going to the park -
the beach


I mean - I cannot breach completely - what relationship will come to me in life

I could live ultimately only for pragmatics -

money - the economic -race -

but - what of some letting go - and enjoying the


it will all take care of itself on some levels -

I just need to do what I do - and enjoy doing -

I cannot live all lives -

the only one that I have to live with is my own

and be satisfied with that - \:\)

potential ? fuck it - my potential is

my happiness

am I a race horse to be pushed as far as I can be before dying?

or -

do I say - bite my excrement you heartless idiots

- I live ok - moreso - I will not volunteer for a relationship like that -

if they really cared for my potential

they would not have waited until the last minute

to suddenly surprise me with that idea -

never a detail mentioned - only the abuse to hurt
or hinder

"...do not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous