Im not sure if this is offensive to any gay man here. If it is I apologise. I am a bit concerned lately at my gym. I was a wrestler all my life hs and college so I know my way around the gym and the locker rooms.
I shower after my workouts and I stretch and twist in the showers. It is one big room no stalls. Im not a modest person with my body by any means. I get questions from men from how did you get your chest so big, to what diet do you use. I don;t mind flirting from men while I am straight. I take it as a compliment and today I cannot tell if a man is gay or straight until he says so.
There is a bodybuilder at my gym who seems to be everywhere I am. Yesterday, he asked me in the showers "How did you sculp that ass man? It is perfect?" He cupped and smacked my ass firmly. I am usually the bigger guy but this guy has some muscle and height on me. We were alone and for the first time I felt a bit vulnerable naked with this naked guy. It was late (closing) and I just didn't think he was a nice guy. I spotted him a few times and he is strong. He is built well and I think a bit older than me.
Is this a common scenerio in gay attacks? Am I being over sensitive? Am I being homophobic? Men smack asses in sports and among friends all the time. This just gave me a weird feeling.
I'll take feedback. I was "molested" at age 15 by a drunk woman and I don't need any more baggage.

People show their true self through their actions, not their words.