It was two years ago that I was rushed to the hospital with a bleeding colon. It was also around that time, I just realized, that I told my therapist about my memory of being molested by a pediatrician when I was 8.
My biggest trigger is coming up next monday, when I have to see my Internist for my 4 month check-up for Crohn's disease. I never had a doctor till two years ago, when I was forced to. My fears of illness all these years could have been related to the abuse incident giving me the message, if you go the doctor, he's going to touch you inappropriately, because you were a bad boy, etc. Even though I'd been in therapy my whole life, this key factor had never come up. So, with this acknowledgement, the fears and anxieties are still strong, so my T has suggested medication for fear.
Who has had any experience with Anti-Depressant/anti Anxiety meds? Thanks.