Jeremy -- you are so right about not becoming like those who perpetrated this horrible act aginst our country and our people. I agree that we MUST respond and do what we can to destroy the networks of terrorists that are committing these acts, but we must do so as carefully as we can in order to minimize loss of innocent lives. To not respond militarily at all would be a mistake, for such lack of response is read by the terorists as weakness and incapacity to respond ande only encourages more attacks. However, we must maintain our values and not become like the terrorists.
War is messy and tragic, no matter how careful we may try to be, but we must do our best, nevertheless.

I encourage you to see your therapist and also to express your feelings about the tragic events of the past week. You can express them as a caring and sensitive person, without divulging your abuse background. OIne of the most imnportaant aspects of my recovery hasd been reclaiming my voice. I try to speak up and express myself, my feelings, my opinions, etc., even when i know that what i say may fall on deaf ears. What is important is that I express myself and who I am. For me, this is very healing and continiues to slowly reduce the old negative messages from the abuse.

Good luck, and thanks again for your reply!