This may seem random, but as I was just sitting here, I was thinking about this movie and how I think (from what I hear from rave reviews), this shows one of the thoughts I had in making one of the most important decisions I had made in my life (i.e. regarding accepting my sexuality). That is, to truly love people and to truly love others, one needs to think about others needs.

In Brokeback Mountain (though I have yet to see it--and will see it later tonight with my mate), I think it shows how painful that double-life is. It is ironic but some may think that a gay man does not appreciate women, and I think it may be the opposite (at least in my case and am sure many others). It is precisely because of that appreciation of women that I do not want to hurt them by either lying to them or else denying them a husband who can fully love them physically and emotionally.

Anyway, just a random thought for the day--and I guess for those who have not heard, I urge you to see Brokeback Mountain (it's coming out to a few more cities today and coming out to more in January--though may happen even sooner depending on continued rave reviews).