Me Again searching for more comments and advice from the gay/bi guys here.

1. I have accepted to myself that I am Bi. It happened this morning w/out any fanfare or big emotions. I just accepted what I already knew. I started the day by meeting straight folks in a social/activity group I'm a member of, before the football game. But I didn't want to spend the $$$ on a scalped ticket and so I let the straight folks go on ahead w/out me to the game - plus I had other plans ...

2. I walked to a Gay bar today to watch the football game on tv. I had a GREAT time. I sat and talked w/ two guys who were a couple, one of whom it was his birthday. And we just basically talked and it was just normal, sitting at a bar watching a game kind of stuff [no, I didn't get drunk].

3. After the game, the GLBT and straight crowd started pouring into the bar and the bar started up the music. My "Fabulous" part came out and I just started swaying and bouncing and dancing, I danced some w/ straight women, and while some guys tried to dance w/ me - I guess I just wasn't ready for that today. Then I sat outside the bar and talked w/ a lesbian couple. I was at peace w/ my life as I said goodbye to my new gay friends w/out exchanging phone numbers or anything.

4. Then I went to another place and ran into the straight folks again ... only this time my "Fabulous" part was still dancing and bouncing to the music and I didn't care if I "looked gay" or not to the straight folks ... I was into the music and having my own party inside. One woman asked where I was and I named the bar where I went and kept right on talking w/out making an issue of it and actually I think another one of the women might have been interested in my dancing and "Fabulousness" bc all of the other guys in the straight group, were just sitting like bumps on a log, and she came over (twice) to say goodbye to me before I left.

(a) Is this how it works?
(b) How does one meet NICE guys in a way which is not internet-sleazy, or unsafe?

As much as I enjoyed the dancing and stuff, well the cost of buying food and drinks and even the gastly cigarette smoke of the bar scene would prevent me from wanting to rely on meeting guys that way. I do forsee a trip to a gay dance club in my future, but I don't know if I'd feel safe doing much else than dancing and flirting there.

Thanks for Listening and any helpful comments or advice would be appreciated.