Hi all,
American Adobo, it is about five Filipino-American friends. One is a gay guy with a dieing lover.

A touch of Pink, about a gay Indian guy who comes out of the closet.

The Object of my Affection, about a straight woman and a gay guy.

Kissing Jessica Stein, about a straight woman exploring.

Trembling before G-D, about the hidden lives of gay and lesbian Orthodox and Hasidic Jews, very serious documentary.

Southern Comfort, about (F to M), and (M to F) Trangenders. This is a very moving bittersweet love story. Robert the (F to M), is in the last year of his life, he has terminal cancer. Lola is a (M to F) who is half his age.
I give this Docurama a full five stars! Be sure to get the DVD so you can watch the deleted scenes and cast interviews.

Edit: Found a good site for movie reviews. http://www.outfilms.com/

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