My vote, Jimmer, would be Pedro Zamora. Not because he was one of the first (real) guys on TV to be seen living a normal life, both for being openly gay and living with HIV, but because of his wicked sense of humor as related by his friend, Judd Winick.

Case in point, when telling Judd he was trying to signal that he was gay, Judd responded by telling him his signals were too subtle. Pedro shot back, "right, subtle! Maybe I should wear a tiara with a 'Big Fag' t-shirt!?"

My idol! \:D

Peace and love,


P.S. For those interested in comics and animated shows, Judd is still active beyond the "Real World." Currently, he's writing for Marvel and DC Comics (recent work - Exiles) and developed "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee" for Cartoon Network. Be sure to check out his early works, though - "Pedro & Me" (A memoir of his friendship with Pedro and life on "The Real World"), "Frumpy the Clown" (A syndicated "family strip" with a twist(ed) collected by Oni Press) and "The Adventures of Barry Wein, Boy Genius," also collected by Oni.

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