yesterday i talked to my mom, (i know stupid), she decided to get on her soap box and tell me that james and i needed to get a job and forgt what the dr. told us about not working. she said that we have to wake up and get over the past because that is what it is the past and nothing is hurting us now, that we are doing is not letting go of the past and if we keep trying to "think" about it then we wont ever get pass it. she said we are purposely trying to hang on to the past that it is our choice to keep thinking aout what has happened to us. she told us to just suck it up and get over it.

i tried to explain to her that we wished it was that simple and if it was we would have done it years ago. but what we are going threw now is from yeas of trying to ignore it. she said that was hog wash. that we should be more like her. she even went as far as saying we didnt have enough faith and didnt put it in GOD'S hands like we should.

of course she went on and on aboutit till i finaly just hungup on her. right before i did she tried to tell me that i just didnt want to hear what she hadto say,that all we wanted to do was sit and wallow in our self pitty. i tried to tell her she wasnat listening to me either, so she said no that wasnt the case, i just didnt want to face reality and that she was at least finaly telling us what she thought of this whole thing and that we should just get a life. thats when i hung up.

it pisses me off that she wants to preach at me for what "we" should do in her mind, and "we" dont listen and do what she thinks we should so "we" are screwed up because of it. she acts like she has all the answers and if "we" did what she said then our lives would be perfect.

she didnt even know what bi-polar ment till we explained it to her. then she had the balls to tell me she knows "LOTS" of people who is bi-polar and they take there lithium and are perfectly fine. please!!!!!!!!

anyway just needed to vent.


always be true to your self and your heart.
dont forget to love yourself 1st, then the restwill fall into place.