Glaukos' dad,

I don't talk w/ Kevin at all. But I've followed his postings w/ concern and caring.

Thank you, sir. Thank you for your courage to face this when so many would run away. Thank you for the love and loyalty to Kevin that you are showing. Thank you for being with him.

I cannot imagine how difficult things must be for you, because I'm not a parent.

But I can offer you this, from my own experiences. A boy I knew was abused on his 15th birthday by a very close family friend. It was a horribly traumatic and distructive experience for him. His father found out the next day. Again, I'm not a father so I can't imagine the difficulty.

But as the months passed and the man and his son worked through the issues of SA, they found that their relationship DID change. It was better than it had ever been, because like soldiers in a battle, they had been through hell together, and they knew more surely than ever how deeply they loved one another.

I don't know all of Kevin's battles, though I often pray for him when I hear he's doing poorly. It's all I CAN do. But knowing he has a brave, determined, and loving father like yourself has made my morning.

What lies ahead will be more difficult than I can think of, but in that darkness, the light of love, support, and understanding shine brighter than ever.

I salute you, sir.

Life is worth living.
'Cause of legal issues and the fact i'm still trying to get better, I don't PM or chat w/ minors.