I feel like I need to be in 2 places at once!!!! My job at Walmart finally came through!!!!!
Cool!!!! I need that job!!! But all last week I knew that my hubby [MrEdd] was going to an interview to start a group therapy tomarrow. I was going with my hubby to support him. Well Walmart called today + orientation is tomarrow at 8:00 am.
How frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrEdd told me yes that he will go by himself if he has to.
Damn It!!! I want to go with him!!!!
Just pray all day tomarrow. Those who do pray for strength for both of us.
I do not mean to offend any people.

Otherwise things are going great!! \:D
I truly do have a new job. Hubby is touching a good amount of the time. The stress around the house is lessened. I am truly learning what it means to be a support to my hubby with his CSA.
Life is a little better than OK.
Thank you for letting me ramble on for a while. I feel a little better. :p